Aims and objectives of the ICT-DRV project

Professional drivers range in Europe under the top ten jobs employers are having difficulty filling with qualified employees. At the same time this occupation is characterised by a fundamental increase of qualification requirements during the past decades. This situation is especially challenging for the transport industry due to the rather low level of professional qualification within this occupation and a mostly negative image of the job that characterises this occupation nearly all over Europe.

These circumstances assign the challenging task on initial and continuous VET in Europe to prepare professional drivers for the continuously changing job requirements and to keep them qualified for their job once they entered into the labour market. Technology-based training offers additional possibilities in order to reach the big number of professional drivers in Europe and to achieve the high quality of training necessary in order to ensure their employability.

It is, therefore, the overall aim of the ICT-DRV project to enhance professional drivers I/CVET in Europe with the means of technology-based training under special consideration of computer-based distance learning and simulator-based training approaches (see also our section terminology). A special focus is put on the exploration of opportunities, limitations and requirements to enhance professional driver training in the framework of directive 2003/59/EC with the means of technology-based training.

So far a widespread integration of technology-based learning into professional driver training is hindered by strong scepticism of involved actors towards technology-supported learning and by legal regulations still applying an input orientation with a focus on traditional training settings. Both barriers are based on missing trust into technology-based tools and their appropriate application within VET for drivers with their special needs and characteristics.

Here, ICT-DRV intends to lay grounds for the formation of trust and a widespread acceptance of technology-supported learning within professional driver training in Europe. The project consortium develops indicators and recommendation for a high-quality integration of technology-based training into professional driver I/CVET and facilitates a culture of quality improvement and innovation at all levels of professional drivers I/CVET and with regard to the integration of technology-based learning.

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