Expected project results

It is the overall aim of the ICT-DRV project to enhance professional drivers I/CVET in Europe with technology-based training in order to meet the labour market needs in terms of the urgent need for well qualified professional drivers and to make VET for professional drivers more responsive to the special needs of the target group “professional drivers” especially when applying multimedia tools.

We, therefore, explore opportunities, limitations and requirements to enhance professional driver training in the framework of and beyond directive 2003/59/EC with the means of computer- und simulator-based training. In order to reach this aim the project develops the following results:

Current status of CBT/SBT application and research

  • An overview about the current state-of-the-art within research related to computer- and simulator-based training relevant for (professional) driver training
  • An overview about the application of computer- and simulator-based training in professional driver training related to directive 2003/59/EC but also beyond this framework in the countries represented in the consortium
  • Examples of promising practice from all over Europe and Canada

Samples of high quality in the application of CBT and SBT

  • Sample/ Pilot computer- and simulator-based training concepts. Those pilots address competence areas that can especially profit from the application of technology-supported learning in order to facilitate the learning progress of the individual learner and the transfer of learning into practice. They are developed based on the state-of-the-art of related educational research, instructional design and practice and intend to be used as examples high-quality technology-supported learning within professional driver qualification
  • A description of competency requirements on trainers and a possible training for these trainers facilitating different kinds of technology-supported training within professional driver qualification in high educational quality

Recommendations for the high-quality application of technology-supported training

  • Recommendations for the high-quality application and integration of computer- and simulator-based training into the implementation of training related to directive 2003/59/EC in different national settings
  • National scenarios for the possible realisation of the ICT-DRV recommendations in the different national settings of the ICT-DRV project countries

Trans-disciplinary dialogue and exchange among key players

  • A (virtual) community for and with key players that enables a sound basis for and stimulates a continuous dialogue among developers of computer- and simulator-based training, trainers/facilitators working with such technology, public bodies involved in the implementation of directive 2003/59/EC and other stakeholders such as researchers involved into the application of computer- and simulator-based training within profession driver training
  • National and virtual workshops for those key players on quality improvement of computer- and simulator-based training within profession driver training
  • A trans-disciplinary European conference that provides opportunity for direct exchange among and between researchers, VET practitioners and public authorities concerned with professional driver training about educational quality within technology-supported training for professional drivers

These aspired results directly refer to the gaps and deficits addressed with the project. They are completed with additional elements as the allocation of best practice examples of technology-facilitated training. The project likewise addresses stakeholders at policy – authorities and policy makers at European and national level -, at operational – VET providers and educators, IT developers – level of professional driver training as well as researchers in this field.

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