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Preparing and keeping professional drivers qualification up-to-date for their changing job requirements with multimedia-based learning

A European project implemented between December 2012 and May 2015

The ICT-DRV project consortium – composed of organisations involved into professional driver training from all over Europe - explores opportunities and challenges of technology-based training methods within the initial and continuous/ periodic vocational training of professional drivers. The major focus of our work is on computer-based distance learning (CBT) approach and on the application of simulators (SBT) within professional drivers vocational education and training.

Directive 2003/59/EC and the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework serve as the major European references for our work. It is our intention to draft quality standards, to develop pilot samples and to define competence requirements on trainers for the high-quality integration of computer- and simulator based training/ learning into professional drivers vocational education and training. Furthermore we are exploring the status quo of technology-based training within professional drivers I/CVET in the project countries and we develop policy recommendations on the educationally reasonable integration of technology-based learning into the implementation of EU directive 2003/59.

ICT-DRV addresses vocational education and training providers, educators, public/ competent bodies, social partners, CBT/SBT-developers, scientists and researchers concerned by technology-supported training for professional drivers and of course last but not least professional drivers.

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We are continuously looking for professional drivers, employers, trainers, representatives of social partners or public/competent bodies in order to get your feedback or input on different aspects of our projects work.